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Essential Garden Watering Tools


As everyone knows, watering is an essential task to ensure a healthy, beautiful, and colorful lawn and garden. In practice, there are several options for watering a garden but not all options are suitable for every lawn or garden. The best option for you will depend on the size and nature of your lawn and garden, how much you are willing to spend, and your preference for water use. Below are five of the most common lawn and garden watering options.

Watering hose: This is a must if you have a fairly large garden or lawn. Its utility stems from its ability to channel water from the source to the place where it is actually needed. Watering hoses come in different shapes and sizes and you should select one that most suits your particular needs. Options include watering hose reels, expandable hose reels, etc. Be sure to get a watering hose made of durable material that can last beyond one planting season. Besides, you can get more out of your hose by combining it with other tools, such as a sprinkler.

Watering can: It is one of the oldest garden tools and yet still owned by most avid gardeners. Older watering cans used to be heavy, and made of metal, but newer versions come in smaller sizes, are made from lighter materials like rubber and plastic, are easier to use, and are more efficient.

Lawn sprinklers: You may need a lawn sprinkler to provide adequate water for your lawn. Lawn sprinklers provide water to lawns and have been used extensively by gardeners. Available options include traveling sprinklers which are mobile, pop-up sprinklers which surface when it's time to water and disappear later, or surface sprinklers which are the more traditional forms. They could be manual, requiring you to turn on and off, or they could be automatic with watering timers that automatically control sprinkler watering times based on a schedule you choose. Besides, some sprinkler systems are complex requiring technical installation, while others can be simply attached to the end of a watering hose.

Drip irrigation systems: This option utilizes water more efficiently by supplying water (in drip form) directly to the roots of plants, which will lead to healthier roots and plants. However, these systems are expensive and require professional installation.

Watering bags: This is an efficient option for providing water to trees for extended periods of time. They are particularly useful for ornamental trees that may not survive without additional water. Watering bags come in several sizes to suit the weather conditions, and the water needs of the plant.More information, please visit: http://www.vertak.com/