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Basic and Useful Garden Hand Tools


Generally speaking, power tools are definitely a big part of our lives today. We use saws, drills, sanding tools and other power tools on a very regular basis. With these power tools available, it might seem like Hand Tools Garden are out dated and a thing of the past. However, there are many hand tools that are very useful that will not be going away any time soon. This article will introduce 6 hand tools you should always have on hand, after all, you will surely use them now and then in your daily life.

The first tool on this list is the hammer. The hammer is mostly used for pounding nails into a piece of wood to hold things together. This by itself is useful but you can use a hammer for anything else that you need to bend, shape or break apart.

Second is a needle-nosed pliers. This is a very nice tool to have around. You never know when you are going to need a pair of pliers and there is really just no replacement for this tool.

Another thing you will want to have available is a good set of wrenches. Sure you can use an impact driver but there will be times when you can't fit an impact driver into the space you need to get into. This is where wrenches come in handy. When all you other bolt fastening tools fail you can always count on a good wrench.

The fourth hand tool we will take a look at is the Phillips screwdriver. This is an obvious one because of how many common items use the Phillips screw to hold it together. An important part of this is you need to have multiple sizes of Phillips screwdrivers. Because screws are available in various sizes. You cannot always use a drill to tighten and loosen screws as you cannot get into many small places and you can't work with smaller screws if you are using a drill.

Well, a less common hand tool that could proved to be very useful is a triwing screwdriver. This is a tool you will need if you take apart electronics. You will usually need a smaller screwdriver so you can get into smaller places.

The last hand tool you absolutely need to have is a good old crescent wrench. The reason you need this in addition to your other wrenches is it can be any wrench you need. There will be times that you need two of the same sized wrench to do a job and if you have a crescent wrench it is simple. Moreover, if you have this around you will find that it is a very useful hand tool.