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A Good Quality Set of Garden Tools


Research has proven that gardening helps people time and time again. But what about those individuals that are physically disabled and/or wheelchair bound? Can gardening help them in any measureable way? Gardens can be created with all types of people in mind.

Gardening also produces some real emotional benefits. Interacting with plants has given individuals a different sense of their place in life and can often divert thoughts of self and negative situations. Gardening stimulates the senses while empowering the gardener with some real creative and controlling opportunities. This pleasure combined with the socialization that gardening often brings, creates changes in behavior, emotional expressions, and feelings of self-esteem. Disabled gardeners often feel a huge change in dependency due to the independent functioning gardening allows.

Every “craftsman” carefully studies his tools and equipment. If you want to be a good gardener, you need a good quality set of basic garden tools. These need NOT cost you “an arm and a leg” !

A Shovel is for digging, lifting and moving bulky materials, such as soil or gravel. It has a larger and broader blade with a longer handle. Those made for digging often have pointed blades and longer handles.

A Spade has a broad almost flat blade. Spades are made in many different shapes and sizes and have different handle lengths, depending their function. The common Garden Spade has a square sharpened end with “treads” at the top of the blade for the feet, to aid in driving the spade into the ground. The short handle is made of wood or fibre-glass, or carbon fibre with either a T-shaped piece at the top or more commonly a fibre-glass or metal and wood “loop” for the hand.

A Garden Trowel has a pointed, scoop – shaped metal blade with a short handle. It is used for digging small holes and cultivating the soil surface.

Pruners, Secateurs, Snips. There are dozens of different shapes, sizes and construction types. The type you choose will depend on what you grow in your garden. Once again it is important to choose a well designed “ergonomic” tool. Although they cost a little more, I prefer and use the “geared” type. They are much easier on the hand and wrist than the “spring” variety.More garden tool information please visit: http://www.vertak.com/