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3 Tips for Choosing a Garden Shredder


Composting autumn leaves and end-of-the-year garden debris is a productive way to recycle nature. Your soil receives the benefits of more organic matter and your garbage is spared from the landfills. Given enough time, leaves will eventually compost, but shredding them can speed up the process and make the compost available much sooner. What kinds of of shredders you buy relies more on your needs.
Electric shredders - As the name suggest, electric shredders run on electricity. They tend to be a cheaper option. For those who do want to go for expensive equipment, this is a very favorable choice. But, before to make your final selection do not forget to ensure that that the cable is long enough to get to place where ever you want, because the area to shred might cover any corner of your garden. The length of the wire becomes a major concern especially when your garden is large.
Petrol shredders - This kind of shredder is a powerful device which is powered by petrol. Being not attached to any sort of wire or cable, you can move freely to any corner of your garden. These are expensive when compared to the electric shredders, but the only reason they are preferred so mush is their quality of the cuttings they produce. Whereas it initially costs heavy, it also requires more maintenance and regular feeding of petrol. You should make sure whether the shredder is filled with petrol or not when you want to perform it.
Noisy garden shredders - Usually, cheaper models of shredders and chippers make noises. They cut the light branches, twigs and leaves using a spinning blade. The blades rotate or spin very fast and chop the entire waste to create material for mulch.
Quieter garden shredders - These models are sometimes called silent garden shredders because they use a distinct cutting mechanism. Quieter models are beneficial in many terms. Whereas noisier models require you to push and press waste material into it, the silent models of shredder chippers are often self feeding as their turning cogs that pull the material into it to crush and cut the fed material.
You can select a suitable shredder after consider the follow points.
1 - Determine the Materials or Objects to be Shredded
Before you buy a garden shredder, you first need to know the types of objects that you will feed into it. If you will use the machine simply to deal with small twigs and leaves in your backyard, you can settle for a small electric shredder. However, if you plan to deal with tree branches and other large debris, you need to invest in a bigger gas-powered machine.
2 - Know the Workload Capacity of the Chipper Shredder
Apart from the type of materials that you will normally process in the shredder, you also need to consider the workload capacity of the machine. If you think that you will seldom use the equipment, you can pick small residential-type equipment. For large yards that need to be cleaned up frequently, a commercial-type shredder is more suitable.
3 - Choose between Gas or Electric Units
Shredders are powered either by gas engines or electricity. Gas-powered units are more powerful and, best of all, they can be operated anywhere. This is why they are practical for large areas that need to be regularly cleared of large twigs, leaves, and other debris. The only drawback is that a gas garden shredder weighs heavier than an electric one. Electric Garden Chipper Shredder can be used easily and it does not give off harmful fumes. However, this type of equipment can only be used in areas that have electrical outlets and its range is limited by the length of the electrical cord.